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Wedding colour trends for your 2022!

Wedding planning has been tricky during the pandemic, and the current trends have been tremendously influenced by everything that is going on! From micro weddings, to eloping, to cakes and wedding favours. As couples navigated the highs and lows of wedding planning this year, it seemed like they wanted to throw caution to the wind as far as flowers go. Brides chose bouquets that showed off a fun sense of style and personality and things were often over the top rather than understated. Although the size and quantity changed, there are still flowers at every wedding. Choosing your colour palette is still a critical part of your special day and a way in which you could express your love and unique selves.

Out of the Box Colours

Couples are ditching the traditional white or monochromatic palettes and choosing bolder and brighter combinations! Whether the colours are harmonious on the colour wheel or not, they are making sure every part of their day is fun and unforgettable!

Playful choices

Who knew flowers could be so out of the ordinary? Smaller and petite flowers and plants are becoming more and more popular as couples explore their true selves and heading towards more fun wedding atmospheres. But with some heading to more petite arrangements, others are heading the complete opposite way with large floral entrances and big blooming bouquets!

Unique Textures

Not all brides want a ball of flowers, but they still want some greenery and texture. With beautiful velvet ribbons and a mix of dry and fresh flowers, the texture is the new thing!

Earth Tones

Earthy tones will forever have a place on the table. This popular ongoing trend has become a precious style close to every bride’s heart. This is one trend not changing for 2021, but some of the colours in those traditional earth tone palettes may be shifting to a bit brighter tones. Such as rusty oranges and honey yellows.

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